Valetags App

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Simple App with Strong Tools to Run Valet Operations

Our app provides the needed tools to schedule, run and manage valet jobs. It helps simplify your work and enhance your guests' experience.

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Powerful Tools

Give your team the tools they need to run valet operations from anywhere

Digital Ticketing

Generate E-Tag Ticket number for each guest’s car by asking the guest to scan QR Code.

Once a guest scan the QR code presented by the valet attendance, the guest will automatically receive a valet tag number on the guest’s phone.

Car Information

The app automatically creates a vehicle profile that is linked to the guest’s E-Tag ticket. You can add any information about the guest’s car including photos, plate number, car details, car condition or any relevant information.

Jobs Tracking

Schedule valet jobs and monitor your operations from the phone screen.  You can check the status of every job and track activities including:

  • Work schedule
  • Operation crew
  • Who parked a car
  • Number of cars parked
  • Cars and tickets status
  • Cars requested
  • Ticket payments
  • Who retrieved a car
  • Number of cars returned
  • Full service history

Team Communication

Your team can use our simple communication system to internally communicate during operations. The team can chat as a group via messages and voice messages; and can share photos and videos that might be needed for work operations.

A communication session is linked to each job operation separately; the session is saved automatically and can be reviewed in the job history for any issue.

Accidents Reporting

Your team can mark any pre-existing damages on a car in the car profile. The system automatically pins the time in which the pre-existing damage was marked to ensure transparency.

If any accident or damage occurs while the valet is parking a car, the valet attendant can mark the new damages. The system automatically pins the time of the accident and notifies the valet supervising team.