Easily Schedule Jobs

Valetags dispatch and scheduling system lets your team schedule valet jobs with ease.

You can schedule valet events and jobs with details, locations and photos to get your team to the right place at the right time. Your team can see the job schedule weeks — even months in advance.

Generate Digital Tags Tickets for Guests’ Cars

With a simple phone scan of a QR Code, our system generates e-tag ticket for each guest’s car and links it to the guest’s vehicle.

Guests will automatically receive the e-ticket on their phones upon scanning

Activate Digital Validation

If parking validation for a specific location is needed (such as malls, hotels, commercial buildings, etc), our system gives you the option of activating our unique digital validation process to easily facilitate the validation of the guests’ e-ticket from the screen of the phone. 

Tickets will be digitally validated. Businesses with the ability to validate can use a website or a mobile app to validate a ticket by entering the ticket number or scanning the ticket QR code.

Track & Manage Your Valet Operations

Manage your valet business and review how your business is doing in real time from your web dashboard.

Check the status of jobs, monitor work progress, live track activities and generating data reports including:

  • Number of active sites
  •  Active crew on site
  • Number of e-tags generated
  • Number of cars parked
  • Cars & tags information
  • Cars requested
  • Payments & validation
  • Who parked & returned a car
  • Number of cars returned
  • Accidents & damages
  • Shifts closing times
  • Service history

Team Notifications

Our automated notifications keep your team notified at key points before, during, and after work. It helps management keep track of any issue.

Get notified when important events happen, such as car requested, unpaid ticket, accident or damage and more.

Team Communication

Your team can use our simple communication system to internally communicate during operations. The team can chat as a group via messages and voice messages; and can share photos and videos that might be needed for work operations.

A communication session is linked to each job operation separately; the session is saved automatically and can be reviewed in the job history for any issue.

Get Paid with Different Payment Options

You can get paid faster than ever. Your guests can now pay online with easy clicks from their phones.

Guests still have other payment options available including cash payment or card payment at the valet-attending desk.

  • Get notified when payment is confirmed/pending
  • Track payments & financial records electronically

Accident Reporting

You can mark any pre-existing damages on a car in the car profile. The system automatically pins the time in which the pre-existing damage was marked to ensure transparency.

If any accident or damage occurs while the valet is parking a car, the valet attendant can mark the new damages in the car profile. The system automatically pins the time of the accident and notifies the valet supervising team.

Events & Jobs Reports

From your dashboard, you can review event reports that show payments, cash on hand, tips, validations, cancelations and more.

Review Guests’ Happiness  

Improve guests’ experience by reviewing guests’ happiness rate after a service.

You can activate the automated guests’ survey to rate the experience of your guests and get an overview on how satisfied they are with your crew’s service.